Newspapers Today

Where do newspapers stand in the Australian digital world? And how do newspapers influence consumer behaviour?

Released in June 2008, Newspapers Today is the definitive report on newspapers relevance in the modern media environment.

It’s the first of a two-part mass media report designed to look at the medium holistically, its place in the changing media landscape and its influence on advertising.

The study involved both quantitative research techniques (conducted by Celsius Research) and qualitative research (conducted by The Leading Edge) with over 1,000 respondents in both metropolitan and regional areas of Australia.

Newspapers Today provides a comprehensive understanding of how consumers relate to the content in printed newspapers, newspaper websites and other media; and how that relationship impacts on the way advertising is processed.

If a particular data cut (e.g. by age group, demo, household income, market, etc.) is not represented in the other articles listed in this section of the site, please contact your newspaper sales executive or The Newspaper Works.

Download the full report below.


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