Newspaper audience up 1.2 per cent: emma

Key metro and regional titles were among the top performers in an increase in total audience readership across all platforms over the seven months from June, 2013, the latest monthly release of emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data shows.

Total newspaper audience crept up 1.2 per cent over the period, with 16.1 million people, or 92 per cent of the population aged 14 and over, reading some form of newspaper media every month.

Print readership accounts for a significant proportion of this total consumption at 14.7 million, or 84 per cent of the population over 14, according to the data.

While the print audience declined 4.5 per cent, digital readers jumped by 9.9 per cent.

At the top of this trend were some key regional and metro titles. The Advertiser in Adelaide saw a total audience increase of 14 per cent compared to June 2013, while the Sunshine Coast Daily was up 13.2 per cent and The Courier-Mail rose 12.9 per cent.

“The trend for the industry appears very stable with total audiences up and greater reader participation on digital platforms,” said The Newspaper Works CEO Mark Hollands.

“Compared with other media, newspapers still offer a compelling story for advertisers. Our brands attract 16 million readers every month. Regional newspapers alone are purchased by three million Australians, and community papers have an audience of 4.8 million.”

The supermarket sector is one industry that newspapers serve very well, according to new data from The Newspaper Works. Emma data reveals that 78 per cent of main grocery buyers consume newspaper media.

Shoppers who read newspapers are also bigger spenders than average, spend more on groceries than non-newspaper readers. Heavy newspaper readers spend an average of $144 a week compared to non-newspaper readers at $137.

The figures explain why the major supermarket chains use print media so heavily, Mr Hollands says, “because it shifts stock and makes them money.”

“The reader engagement of newspaper media is impressive,” he said. “For community papers, research shows readers are 77 per cent more likely to visit a store or business than as a result of an advertisement than a letterbox flyer.”

Each monthly emma report features 12-month rolling data with cross-platform audience figures, readership of all titles, comprehensive consumer profiles and product data, plus fused Nielsen Online Ratings data.

Emma, the new cross platform audience insights survey, launched on August 19 last year. It was developed by independent research company Ipsos MediaCT, the global leaders in local audience measurement. Ipsos conducts national audience surveys and is the official measurement system in 41 countries including the UK, Italy and France.

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* Source: emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data for the 12 months to January 2014.

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