Newspaper ads most trusted by Australians

Newspaper advertisements are more trusted by Australians than any other medium, according to a new report from Nielsen.

The Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising report polled 30,000 online respondents in 60 different countries.

According to the report, 58 per cent of Australians surveyed said they “completely” or “somewhat” trusted ads in newspapers.

Other mediums were not far behind. Fifty six per cent “completely” or “somewhat” trusted ads on TV, 53 per cent trusted ads in magazines, and 52 per cent ads on radio.

Trust in ads on digital platforms also is growing for Australians. Compared to the previous report in 2013, trust in ads on mobile devices has increased by six per cent, from 25 per cent to 31 per cent.

Twenty nine per cent trusted ads on social networks, while 34 per cent trusted ads in search engines, 32 per cent online video ads, and 29 per cent online banner ads.

The Newspaper Works chief executive Mark Hollands said newspaper media was influential, and played an important role in the lives of Australians.

“Every advertising campaign needs influencers to drive trust, belief and action and newspapers can rightly claim the number one position as the most trusted medium for advertising,” he said.

“Our industry campaign, Influential by Nature, re-states to advertisers why newspapers get results and the Nielsen study proves just what a trusted advertising platform it is.”

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