News media – The right tool for the job

LANCE CLATWORTHY takes a look at Australia’s DIY enthusiasts and the opportunities that print and digital news media present to advertisers.


Some 10.6 million Australians agree that they like to do DIY around the house. That’s fully 58% of us who enjoying fixing or improving the house we live in. Let’s call them DIY enthusiasts, although we can note that about half of them strongly agree that they like DIY.

DIY enthusiasts have increased in WA

These DIY enthusiasts represent a 1% increase on the number who said they like DIY 12 months ago. While NSW and Victoria have remained static in this respect, West Australia grew an impressive +9% – partly driven by an increase in population.

We can enjoy DIY whatever our gender, age and home ownership status

With 52% Male, today’s DIY enthusiasts are only marginally skewed on gender. And while 59% of them are 30 to 64 year olds, we do see a high incidence of them across all age groups – the mass market represents an opportunity for advertisers of DIY related goods and for DIY services such as Tool hire.

As far as housing types are concerned, the huge majority of Australians live in houses as opposed to apartments. 85% of DIY enthusiasts live in houses, but there is potential among others living in apartments. And of the 25% of Australians who rent or board, 56% of them are “DIY enthusiasts”; they’ll be spending money too. We can be house proud to the point of enjoying DIY jobs whatever our gender, whatever our age and whatever our position on home ownership.

But, of course, we don’t have to enjoy doing DIY to be in the market for DIY goods and services.


News media readers shop at hardware stores even if they’re not enthusiasts

Print and digital news media readers have now grown to 16.6 million. Some may not have particularly liked it, but 12.2 million have been shopping at a hardware store at least once in the last 3 months; that’s 74% of them. 49% of readers buy at Bunnings at least every 3 months, while 8% of readers buy at Mitre 10. So Bunnings is the clear market leader – a position we might expect to see strengthening given the recent closure of Masters.

92% of DIY enthusiasts read news media

9.7 million news media readers are DIY enthusiasts; that’s 58% of all readers and 92% of all DIY enthusiasts in Australia. We can also see that more DIY enthusiasts are reading news media than 12 months ago. We have mentioned that Australian DIY enthusiasts increased +1%, but DIY enthusiasts reading news media has increased +4% in the last year. That means that advertisers can reach 380,000 more of them than they could in November 2015.

Advertising opportunities are strong across all news media channels

The opportunity to reach this target is equally strong across all channels of news media, as illustrated by the table below:-

Table 1

Newspaper section readership has a similar profile to all readers

Among DIY enthusiasts reading printed newspapers, the most read sections of an average issue are Arts and Entertainments (36%), Sport (31%), Property (28%), Business and Finance (26%) and Travel (26%).

The right tool for the job

The DIY market is a mass market opportunity stretching across many demographics whether we are looking to target buyers or DIY enthusiasts. News media has a very broad coverage of the opportunity for advertisers in the DIY market.



All figures are from emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending November 2016; Nielsen DRM November 2016, People 14+ only.


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