News media readers hungry for technology news

A total of 13.1 million Australians, or 71 per cent of consumers, read news media in print, which remains the preferred channel for news content, according to the latest emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data for June 2017.

On digital platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, mobiles or PCs, news media was read by 13 million people, or 70 per cent of the population. Across all platforms news media is read by 16.7 million, or 90 per cent of Australians.

Metro newspapers were read by 10.9 million people, or 59 per cent of consumers, over the same period. Regional and community news media brands were read by 7 million people, or 38 per cent of the population during June. Regional newspapers were read by 3.2 million people (or 17 per cent aged 14+), while community newspapers were read by 4 million (or 22 per cent aged 14+).

“Our news media industry continues to show great stability, despite the plethora of content options for consumers, evidenced by the latest emma data. News media provides mass reach, with highly engaged audiences who seek trusted, quality journalism. For advertisers, news media is a premium, brand safe environment and therefore a strong proposition,” NewsMediaWorks CEO Peter Miller said.

The emma data also reveals that news media readers are in the market for the most sought after technology products. The most popular products are mobile phones and GoPro cameras, with 1.6 million readers intending one or both in the next 12 months. Rounding out the top 10 most sought after technology products are digital video recorders (DVRs), gaming consoles, pay TV/streaming services, laptops, wireless speakers, smart watches, smart TVs and fitness monitors, with more than one million readers intending to buy these products over the same period.

Technology products are one of the most talked about categories among news media readers with 4.5 million encouraging others to purchase based on their own experiences. Another 2.2 million readers have published positive comments online.

The Sydney Morning Herald is Australia’s highest-reaching title across all platforms with 5.04 million readers. The Daily Telegraph followed, reaching 4.40 million readers and the Herald Sun on 4.11 million.

Emma data June 2017

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