News reveals suite of digital products

News Corp Australia launched three new advertising products last night, aimed at capturing the digital market through targeted campaigns for clients and the reach of the company’s brands

The lavish event at Sydney’s Fox Studios News Corp co-chairman attended by News Corp co-chairman Lachlan Murdoch and more than 700 advertising and media agency executives, as well as major clients.

The three new products are:

News Connect, powered by Quantium – which brings together News Corp Australia and Quantium data to offer massive audience targeting capabilities.

Multi-brand Exchange (MBX) – a private premium exchange that combines News Corp and MCN’s digital assets, and

News Corp Studios – which offers clients sophisticated content creation and marketing solutions.

With the major publishers competing for digital market share, Fairfax Media launched a joint venture this morning with Mi9 – Australian Premium Exchange (APEX), a premium, brand-safe, mobile programmatic exchange.

The News Corp Australia event showcased the strength of the company’s brands, with videoed presentations from group editors as well as a Lexus campaign that demonstrated how the new products could combine to target a client’s audience, on a large scale.

Speakers included News Corp Australia chief executive officer Julian Clarke, managing director – metro and regional publishing Damian Eales, director of national sales Sharb Farjami and chief operating officer Peter Tonagh.

Mr Clarke said the company’s newspaper brands had become platforms from which to launch new digital products for smartphones, tablets, and new markets.

“We’ve spent the last 18 months rolling out a multi-platform strategy in the marketplace, and we’ve got to the point where we have more than 300,000 digital newspaper subscriptions across the company. The Australian alone has over 70,000 which is a great figure.”

Mr Clarke said News’ Australian mastheads had unrivalled scale, supported by historic bonds with communities of readers.

“Nobody else in Australia communicates in one day with an audience as large as ours – 7.2 million Australians in one day, building to 15.8 million in a month.”

Mr Farjami said that the new products would set the company apart from its competitors.

“I think that anything that we do that is positive in terms of innovation and creating new products will help our growth, so we’re trying to get in front of it,” he told The Newspaper Works.

“We’re trying to do something different, we’re trying to restate our credentials and our position in the marketplace, but also look at what innovations we can bring that extends our audience for our clients and customers.”

In a partnership with Quantium, News Connect will take advantage of Quantium’s rich database of consumers and purchasing habits, and combine it with its existing News Corp data.

“This combination of data gives us the ability to create bespoke audiences by connecting what people read and watch with what they buy, Mr Farjami said.

“For advertisers it means no more assumptions. It means creating audiences based on facts, enabling them to connect to audiences that matter across our entire network of engaging, premium properties.”

MBX will combine the assets of News Corp Australia and MCN in a private advertising exchange, guaranteeing brand safety to companies and premium placement of their content.

It will give them access to premium environments across a variety of News Corp Australia assets, including, all its metro and regional mastheads, and lifestyle destinations, such as Vogue, and Body+Soul.

“I think the difference that MBX delivers is (a) the immediate reach and scale, with the two networks together, and (b) knowing they will engage in premium style environments, and (c) it’s brand safe,” Mr Farjami told The Newspaper Works.

News Corp Studios is a new content marketing initiative that promises to help advertisers distribute and amplify their content through social media agency, Storyful.

“A lot of clients have focused recently on content creation. I think a lot of clients are doing a good job, and a lot of clients are realising that their A-game isn’t making content,” Mr Farjami told The Newspaper Works.

“So we turned our expenses into assisting our clients, so that aligns as best with what our customers want.”

Mr Eales told the audience that News Corp Australia was committed to helping its clients connect, engage and convert their target customers with absolute certainty.

“Our focus is to ensure that our advertisers and agency partners are, more than ever before, well connected to their customers, in engaging and trusted environments,” he said.

Mr Tonagh, who will take over from Mr Clarke as chief executive at the end of the year, said the company had all the fundamentals right.

“We have the best journalists, we have the strongest brands, and we have the largest, genuinely engaged audiences.

“And, as I hope you’ve seen tonight, we add to these legacy assets both the capability and the commitment to constantly innovate to deliver cutting edge market-leading products.”

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