News gives tips on how to win $250,000 of media spend

News Corp Australia has launched a $250,000 competition to encourage agencies to realise their creative potential, by devising the most innovative, integrated, multiplatform campaign possible.

The competition requires a media or creative agency, or advertiser organisation, to devise an integrated campaign that targets an individual News masthead, or one that targets News’ national audience using all mastheads.

The prize for the best campaign is $250,000 worth of media spend across News Corp Australia’s network.

In order to be successful, agencies need to understand how consumers engage with both print and digital platforms.

However, first and foremost, the idea needs to be stupefying  says News Corp Australia digital strategy director and competition judge Craig Galvin.

“Entries that would really excite me are big creative ideas that use each platform in a different manner to really leverage those platforms, and create something big and unique,” Mr Galvin said.

“The idea wouldn’t just live and breathe on one platform, but combine all our digital and print assets to create something large and successful.”

Mr Galvin said the key to a successful entry was understanding how to best engage an audience in a creative, quirky way.

“I think the best tip would be to have a core consumer insight,” he said.

“Understand what your consumer is doing, not just in the online environment but also in the print environment, and also their behaviours.”

“Then, match that with the uniqueness of each of the platforms, digital and print.”

Mr Galvin, a former digital agency head, said it was important to understand the roles both platforms played and to know how to best leverage that.

“Print has a fantastic means to get a broad cast, and it’s very community based as well,” he said.

“And then you look at how digital complements and adds to that, especially in the portfolio of News’ assets and brands.

“Then you can start to see how the two coexist together, and especially with the emergence of mobile, and the use of mobile with desktop and tablet.”

Entries for the competition are now open, with the competition closing on Friday, February 14, 2014.

For more information on the competition, click here.

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