News Corp up-front about innovative future

News Corp Australasia chairman Michael Miller giving his opening address at the Come Together event.

News Corp Australasia chairman Michael Miller giving his opening address at the Come Together event.

A suite of new marketing products and initiatives aimed at propelling News Corp Australia into an innovative and customer-focused future have been unveiled.

The products were announced last night at the company’s annual up-front event Come Together, a glitzy affair featuring top executives, columnist Joe Hildebrand and brand ambassadors and attended by clients, partners and agency leaders.

Among the new initiatives announced was Food Corp, a dedicated network of Australia’s leading food brands that offers advertisers customised solutions across all brands in one place.

Food Corp will be lead by newly-appointed director of food, Fiona Nilsson.

News Corp also announced a re-brand of its year-old content marketing division News Corp Studios to the Campaign Solutions Studio.

The new entity will offer clients custom-built product, event or experiential solutions and reflects the fact that 70 per cent of campaign briefs received by News Corp articulate a need for branded or native content.

The establishment of the News Corp Australia Media & Marketing Institute, the result of a partnership with Melbourne Business School, was also announced.

The week-long study program will seek out the best and brightest talent and focus on brand strategy, audience segmentation and targeting, investment analytics and marketing strategy.

Outspoken marketing professor Mark Ritson, who writes for The Australian, will head the program.

News Corp also showcased two previously announced initiatives: new digital unit News DNA and East-coast Sunday magazine with an audience of almost three million Stellar.

News Corp Australasia executive chairman Michael Miller said the company is committed to developing innovative ways in which advertisers can better understand and connect with audiences.

“These are the new ways we offer to work with our advertising partners to deliver real connections with real people, and most importantly, deliver real outcomes,” he said.

“Our marketing solutions will create the opportunities our advertisers want and need.”

“No one else does or can do what we do; understanding audiences, making a difference to their lives and reaching them in large numbers: every hour of every day. At News Corp, we’re well prepared for a dynamic and creative future.”

Come Together is now in its third year. Along with Innovation Week, held earlier this year, the events play a big part in changing perceptions of News Corp’s breath of offerings, according to managing director of metro and regional publishing Damian Eales.

Mr Eales described Come Together as a great show of confidence for both News Corp and the news media industry.

“Traditionally news media companies haven’t done up-fronts. It’s really been the territory of TV networks. I guess one of the reasons for that is TV networks have a lot of great video content to communicate. Well now so do we,” he said.

During his speech at Come Together, Mr Eales outlined the importance of an end-to-end marketing program that attracts new passive customers and converts them faster through a combination of media.

“We are providing an expanding range of marketing solutions that incorporate so much more than space and airtime,” he said.

“Advertisers can look to us to provide a bespoke purchaser funnel for their business – from awareness to action, across multiple channels and multiple audiences, all skilfully targeted through smart analytics.”

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