News Corp recasts its digital offerings

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News Corp Australia has undertaken a major digital upgrade for its state-based mastheads and launched an updated iPad app for The Australian that better facilitates cross-platform advertising, in the company’s biggest week of digital releases.

The Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun launched new desktop and mobile sites this week, with The Courier-Mail and The Advertiser to roll out next week.

The Telegraph site has been rebranded The Daily Telegraph, with content from The Sunday Telegraph and other content from the Sunday network to be run under The Daily Telegraph banner on the seventh day – as is the current situation with the Herald Sun and The Courier-Mail.

The iPad version, however, will be branded as The Sunday Telegraph, indicating a new strategic position for the Sunday in the digital market.

The new websites provide different approaches to image galleries, a wider range of image sizes, and more variability in the font and layout across the web, tablet and mobile versions.

The Australian launched an updated iPad app on Monday, with enhanced multimedia capabilities and a new advertising solution for enhanced and more streamlined cross-platform ad buys.

The advertising platform, AccessOne, automatically reproduces ads purchased for the print edition of the paper into the digital iPad edition and also offers enhanced creative options for advertisers.

Nicholas Gray, CEO of The Australian, said that the platform will revolutionise the newspaper’s commercial offering, with one piece of creative and one ad buy now allowing advertisers to access both print and iPad readers, as well as implement greater interactivity into their digital ads.

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