News, APN changes as Clarke announces retirement

News, APN changes as Clarke announces retirementCurrent News chief Julian Clarke will step down at the end of the year

News Corp Australia has announced Peter Tonagh as its next chief executive in a new leadership team that will bring former executive Michael Miller back into the fold following Julian Clarke’s decision to retire at the end of the year.

The News announcement triggered another leadership change at APN News & Media where Mr Miller is chief executive. Mr Miller will re-join News as executive chairman.

Australian Radio Network chief executive Ciaran Davis is set to replace Mr Miller as head of APN.

Mr Tonagh is currently chief operating officer at News Corp Australia. Both Mr Miller and Mr Tonagh will report to News Corp chief executive Robert Thomson.

Peter Tonagh will replace Julian Clarke as News CEO

Peter Tonagh will replace Julian Clarke as News CEO

“Our clear plan is to use Australia as a base for a significant expansion of our presence in Asia, while ensuring that our traditional businesses in Australia are developed to their full potential,” Mr Thomson said in a statement.

“Whether in broadcasting or the powerful platform that is print, or in digital classifieds, we have a team that will vigorously pursue growth and strive to incubate the sense of social purpose that has always been the cornerstone of the News Corp culture.”

Mr Thomson paid tribute to Mr Clarke, saying he had helped to “fortify the foundations of our future”.

Mr Tonagh has worked with Mr Clarke since 2013, and the pair first worked together at the Herald & Weekly Times two decades ago.

Mr Clarke said both News appointees would be working together on the strategic direction of the company.

“Michael will lead our expansion plans for other acquisitions and start-ups, including overseas, [and will also] take on responsibility for our investments in Foxtel, Fox Sports, REA and our other joint ventures.”

Mr Miller is yet to set a commencement date.

In a statement, APN chairman Peter Cosgrove said: “Michael will work side-by-side with Ciaran to ensure the smoothest possible transition for the business.

“Ciaran’s outstanding leadership and successes at [Australian Radio Network], including taking the company to be Australian’s number one metropolitan radio network, made him the natural successor to replace Michael Miller.”

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