NewsLifeMedia launches client content studio

NewsLifeMedia launches client content studio

NewsLifeMedia has launched a multimedia content studio called LifeLab that will offer clients tailor-made campaigns complete from creation to distribution and will see the News Corp Australia publisher create some content for non-News assets.

LifeLab will draw on the expertise from NewsLifeMedia brands like Vogue, GQ and and will offer content creation solutions including digital, mobile, video, events and creative that are designed to empower brands to act as publishers.

NewsLifeMedia chief executive Nicole Sheffield said some content created may not fit any of NewsLifeMedia’s properties and in its first two years LifeLab could account for up to 20 per cent of total revenue for the lifestyle publisher.

“We are responding to client needs,” Ms Sheffield said. “Marketers are struggling to produce content for their owned and earned assets and we can provide expert, quality content to allow marketers to act as publishers.

“We do not see this as an alternative to paid media, but rather a synergistic part of the whole communication matrix. We believe at LifeLab our ability to source, create, distribute and amplify lifestyle content is second to none, and partnering with our clients’ owned assets further amplifies the consumer experience.”

LifeLab from Adv Creative – News Life Media on Vimeo.

NewsLifeMedia has previously been working with select clients to produce this type of content and a five-strong team of existing staff will make up the initial LifeLab team, with more expected to join as demand grows.

The team includes video editors and photographers and will utilise NewsLifeMedia’s existing multimedia studios which include a fully-functioning commercial grade kitchen.

“With this expertise LifeLab is already a step ahead, as we know how to engage and maintain our audience’s attention – it’s what we do every day,” Ms Sheffield said.

“We are able to track what our consumers are reading and sharing to unlock what’s resonating with them. Combined with the editorial craft of our expert writers, content and video producers we can create every element that will connect with consumers through trusted content.

“This can then be distributed via our premium platforms and also distributed and amplified by News Corp Australia.”

NewsLifeMedia chief operating officer Robin Parkes will oversee LifeLab until a permanent head is appointed..

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