New system takes Nielsen closer to daily online ratings

A new digital audience measurement system that captures the total, unduplicated digital audience across PC, smartphones and tablet for both web browsers and apps has been launched by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia and Nielsen.

Digital Ratings (Monthly) is intended to provide an independent, cross-device view of total digital audience and enable advertisers and agencies to make more accurate decisions and gauge the reach of their digital investment.

It combines Nielsen’s existing PC panel for home and work with nationally representative panels of Australian smartphone and tablet internet users and census-tagged data for PCs and the mobile web.

The launch of Digital Ratings (Monthly) is the second of the three-stage plan to transition to a daily, cross-device audience measurement system expected to be launched in mid-2016.

Stage one delivered the Mobile Ratings Report and stage three will see the launch of Digital Content Ratings (Daily) that will include third party data and be able to measure new content delivery platforms like Facebook Instant Articles.

Digital Ratings (Monthly) succeeds the Nielsen Online Ratings for “static” content, with measurement of streamed content still available via the Nielsen Online Ratings Hybrid Streaming interface until the industry moves to Digital Content Ratings.

Publishers have seen an increase in their recorded audience under the Digital Ratings (Monthly) which captures more data.

The top three ranked news sites from the January Online Ratings – and ABC News Websites – have all retained their rank under Digital Ratings (Monthly) and have recorded a larger unique audience but lower time spent per person.

All of the top 10 entities listed in the Current Events and Global News category have seen a total recorded audience increase of between 40 and 75 per cent.


This category also provides an overall breakdown of device use. It shows PCs remain the most popular device with a unique audience of 9.5 million, followed by smartphones with 6.1 million and tablets with 3.4 million.


Chief executive of IAB Australia Alice Manners described Digital Ratings (Monthly) as the most significant and important change to Australia’s IAB endorsed digital audience measurement currency since the Nielsen Online Ratings were introduced in 2011.

“Once again Australia leads the world in audience measurement, reflecting the sophistication and maturity of this market.  I’d like to thank the industry for coming together and supporting this initiative with IAB,” she said.

Australia’s leading independent audience insights survey emma will continue to include the Nielsen currency digital data with Digital Ratings (Monthly) incorporated in April.

Nielsen’s head of media Monique Perry said Digital Content Ratings would be “the holy grail of digital total audience measurement”.

“It will see the Australian market transition to daily delivery of digital audience data, across sites big and small,” she said.

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