New Oz app assists cross-platform buys

The ad that The Australian ran to promote their new iPad app.

The ad that The Australian ran to promote their new iPad app.

The Australian has launched an updated iPad app, with improved multimedia capabilities and a new advertising solution for enhanced and more streamlined cross-platform ad buys.

The advertising platform, AccessOne, automatically reproduces ads purchased for the print edition of the paper into the digital iPad edition and also offers enhanced creative options for advertisers.

Nicholas Gray, CEO of The Australian, said that the platform would revolutionise the newspaper’s commercial offering, with one piece of creative and one ad buy now allowing advertisers to access both print and iPad readers, as well as implement greater interactivity into their digital ads.

“This concept has been a huge success at our sister masthead The Times of London and we are delighted to be the first Australian publisher to launch this product,” Mr Gray said.

Fiorella Di Santo, group director for News Corp Australia, said that the company is encouraged with the initial take-up of AccessOne and is looking at extending the platform to other News Corp newspapers.

“We are very excited to be launching AccessOne which offers our advertisers a unique and innovative solution to extend their reach at no extra cost very easily,” she said.

The iPad app upgrade features a new design and enhanced navigation and interactivity functions, and Mr Gray said that he believes it represents the best opportunity to re-create a newspaper-like experience on a digital platform.

The new app has also been adjusted from a standard tablet app that downloads to the iPad’s desktop to an app that downloads to the Newsstand section of the iPad, where most subscription-based newspaper and magazine tablet apps that are modelled on the print product, rather than the website, go.

To coincide with the launch, the newspaper has run a marketing campaign, created by agency Archibald/Williams, which will run across broadcast, digital and print media as well as outdoor activations.

The campaign features cameos from several of The Australian’s writers, reporters and editors and focuses on how they cover the news – showcasing significant stories, events and landmarks through a mural style artwork (in the print ad) and showing journalists conducting interviews and reporting (in the TVC).

Addressing the marketing campaign, Mr Gray said: “The Australian has a curious audience who love the thrill of pursuing knowledge and delving deeper to find the full story.

“We wanted the TVC to represent everything The Australian, in a single edition, offers on an immersive device like the iPad. We have brought this all to life in this layered TVC illustrating the breadth and depth of our content in a highly creative way.”

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