New interactivity for Fairfax tablet ads

New interactivity for Fairfax tablet adsFairfax Media has launched new ways to interact with its tablet advertising.

Six new ways to interact with mobile advertising have been introduced by Fairfax Media, with users of the publisher’s tablet apps now able to physically manipulate ads in more ways using touchscreen gestures.

The products were developed by the Digital innovation services (DIS) team, which produces content for advertisers looking for custom outcomes. The DIS team was expanded recently to include a Mobile Creative Unit.

Fairfax mobile commercial manager Stewart Heys said the company is investing heavily in developing innovative mobile ad solutions.

The aim is to provide brands with flexible, market leading products to interact and engage with these audiences, while they are accessing our content, he said.

“Mobile is the fastest growing audience channel.”

The five new products are:

  • Pannable, which allows users to swipe the screen to visually pan 360 degrees
  • Wipable, which allows users to swipe away one image to reveal another one underneath
  • Zoomable, which zooms in to an image and showcases more detail
  • Hotspotting, which allows users to tap a point of interest on the ad and open a text box revealing more information
  • Video commandment, which is an ad unit on the home page, within which media like videos can be embedded for storytelling

A new product for smartphones also was introduced, known as the adhesion banner, which is an ad at the base of a page that remains in place as the reader scrolls up or down.

Fairfax Media has experienced recent success in the mobile advertising area, with an independent study showing its ANZ Black Rewards campaign reached 22 per cent more people when it was run on both desktop and tablet, as opposed to desktop alone.

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