New initiative to sell virtues of print and paper

New initiative to sell virtues of print and paper

The Printing Industries Association of Australia (PIAA) has launched an initiative to promote the strengths of the print industry and the effectiveness of print campaigns, which it announced alongside the release of its Industry Report 2014.

The campaign, which is called Value of Paper and Print, will be supported and funded by print, paper and production advocacy group Two Sides Australia, which aims to highlight the printing industry’s environmental credentials and “dispel common environmental misconceptions”.

PIAA chief executive Bill Healey said that the campaign would allow the industry to “be on front foot promoting the strengths of print supported by research, data, case studies highlighting the effectiveness of print; its return on investment and the creative effects that can be achieved through paper and print that cannot be replicated solely by electronic communications”.

A website for the campaign is currently live, and features extracts from reports, fact sheets and posters that can be downloaded.

The Industry Report 2014, which was released at the same time as the campaign’s announcement, is a “toolkit that every printing company can use to educate its clients and anyone else who has questioned the role of print,” said Mr Healey. “It factually illustrates that the printed word is a critical part of multi-channel communications.”

“The report includes Australia-centric and internationally sourced information to make sure the credentials of paper and print can be easily and graphically understood by media buyers, designers and creative agencies as well as by the general population to help them to appreciate its valuable role in the digital age.”

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