New digital model for The Oz

The Australian has increased its pricing and changed its digital subscription model for the first time since it was introduced in 2011.

The price of a digital subscription has now increased to $4 a week, with the newspaper now having a “hybrid-metered” model which limits the number of unlocked articles non-subscribers can read to five per month.

A spokesperson for the company said News Corp Australia had to adapt to current pricings.

“As we have always said, we will experiment with different approaches to digital subscriptions,” he said.

“Obviously we are keen to drive subscriptions further and so will be testing this hybrid approach.”

The Australian’s new model is different to other digital subscription services in Australia.

News Corp Australia’s tabloid websites allow users to read between 10 and 15 articles per month for free, while Fairfax Media provides 30 free articles per month. Both services do not block any content to subscribers only.

The News Corp Australia spokesman said digital subscriptions had not hurt the masthead, with total weekday circulation now higher than ever.

“The Australian now has more than 55,000 digital subscribers, a number that has been growing around 10 per cent, per quarter,” he said.

“When you add this to print sales, The Australian now has more paying weekday customers than at any time in its history.”

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