National campaign to highlight strengths of print

National campaign to highlight strengths of print

A national campaign to promote the strengths of print as a media channel will begin a national roadshow this month, visiting print production and sales staff as well as agencies and designers.

The Value of Paper and Print (VoPP) campaign aims to teach printers about how to promote their channel to customers and provide insights into the effectiveness of the medium, where and how it works best, how to get the best return on investment and which print media platforms deliver that.

The campaign is headed by Kellie Northwood, the executive director of the Australian Catalogue Association, who said that the workshops were about providing marketers with a toolkit to assist them in properly utilising the medium and optimising results for their clients.

“There are a lot of marketers out there who, leading up to this, have said to me ‘we know how valuable print is, but we simply haven’t had the content to support what we know’,” Ms Northwood said.

At the first series of meetings at the end of this month – in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart – print production and print sales people will be briefed on the campaign and how they can use insights provided in VoPP’s recent Industry Report to communicate with customers.

The Industry Report is a 72-page document that VoPP published in October, which provides data and figures on various printed channels, including newspapers, direct mail, magazines, catalogues, letterbox and print marketing.

After meeting with people from the print industry, the campaign will visit media agencies and designers in March next year to promote the various print channels and how they can be better used in ad and marketing campaigns.

Ms Northwood said that the industry report provided VoPP with valuable insights into various aspects of the print business.

“One of the strongest and most interesting things for me is the length of time people spend with print,” she said.

“People spend a lot more time with print than other media channels – whether that’s a press ad, whether that’s a brochure, whether that’s a catalogue, people spend longer scanning and surveying.

“So with that in mind, I often say to marketers, print is a really valuable foundation and with digital or TV you can get attention and can point to print for that longer conversation – that was certainly supported by the research in the industry report.”

The Newspaper Works supported the Industry Report by provided data from readership metric emma, and CEO Mark Hollands said that he was happy to support the campaign, which promotes the value of print for newspapers and other print-based industries.

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