mX launches campaign with a different flavour

mX scented wrap with mock front page

Commuter newspaper mX has used NewsScent technology in its printed edition as part of a promotion for the annual Queensland agricultural show, Ekka, as the free daily continues to build its reputation for innovative campaigns.

A full-page advertisement that read ‘Experience Queensland’s Best Sundays on Show’ was printed in the Brisbane mX on Tuesday, with the aroma of strawberry sundae ice-cream, the Show’s characteristic dessert.

NewsScent works by spraying the necessary pages with a particular fragrance during the printing process, and does not affect the speed or efficiency of newsprint production.

mX publisherTamara Oppen, called the ad a “feast for the senses” and said that it would encourage Brisbane locals to attend the annual agricultural show.

Advertising manager for mX in Queensland Lisa Harries said the client was delighted with the campaign. “It rekindles the affection that people have with the event,” she said. “We wanted to drive the fun aspect of The Ekka and the Strawberry Sundae scent of the newspaper definitely delivered.”

The scented ad followed a transparent wraparound on Monday in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for Tic Tac.

The transparent image of bright red, pink and orange lips adorned the mX cover with each market publishing a different set of iconic coloured lips.

The campaign extended across the mX app with an interactive voting banner.

mX social media sites Twitter and Facebook were also used to seed the conversation with the audience around whether they ‘roll, chew or crunch’.

More 10,000 mini packets of Tic Tacs were given away to mX readers.

The transparent wrap that ran in mX on Monday in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The transparent wrap that ran in mX on Monday in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Ms Harries said:  “What I find most exciting about these campaigns is the way our readers respond. We know our audience is one that is highly engaged with our content and we see them sharing this regularly through social media channels.

“When mX readers do this with our advertisers it’s rewarding to see what is essentially a print campaign go viral.”

mX has pioneered clever creative work in newspapers. The paper scored the 2013 PANPA for the best single advertisement for a client, with a wrap promoting the DVD release of The Dark Knight Rises that appeared as though Batman had singed his way through the paper.

The paper also is a finalist in the 2014 award in two categories.  Its smartphone app is in the running for Best Mobile Site, and Chris Pavlich’s portrait, ‘Boys From the Band’, is in contention for the national/metropolitan portrait photography award.

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