More Clever Australians

The latest execution from Telstra's Clever Australian campaign feature Gavin Tomlins, CIO of Sundale and Grey Hound Australia National IT manager Michael Kuhn.

Telstra Clever Australians Michael KuhnTelstra Clever Australians Gavin TomlinsTargeting business and enterprise, this campaign emphasises Telstra’s shift from a telco to a broad-based information, communications and technology company.

It calls on companies to be a part of the Clever Australians movement, joining in business partnerships with Telstra. The second phase of the campaign provides examples of such partnerships.

The campaign launched in mid July with a full-page ad featuring Donald Horne who phrased the term, “the lucky country”, continuing the following weeks with Dr Sam Prince, personifying Australia’s flourishing ideas, talent and resourcefulness. Phase two of the campaign features Channel 9’s Geoff Sparke and Terry Davis from Coca-Cola Amatil as well as Domino’s MD and CEO Don Meij. Audiences are direct to a multimedia case study where they could find how Telstra helped each business.

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