More accountability a major drawcard for emma

New readership metric emma gives business the ability to measure if their marketing spend is working for the first time ever, according to the newly appointed News Corp Australia group marketing director Damian Eales.

Speaking at the Sydney launch of emma, Mr Eales said the new readership metric remedies the age old problem of businesses not being able to ensure they are getting a return on their marketing spend.

“When I was back working at David Jones, one of the major department store magnates was quoted as saying: ‘I know 50 per cent of my marketing spend is wasted; I just don’t know which 50 per cent,’” Mr Eales said.

“That was certainly a focus at David Jones during the days that I was there.”

He said having the ability to determine whether marketing is working is one of emma’s biggest drawcards.

“Accountability of spend and determining a precise allocation of spend based on the return that you were going to get from that spend is never going to go out of fashion in marketing,” Mr Eales said.

“What I see in emma is a much better way to be much more precise in the allocation of spend to ensure that you get a great return on that ­spend.”

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