Monetising Mobile: Putting mobile first can pay dividends

Publishers need to start putting mobile at the front of their editorial and design philosophies, and revenue will follow, according to Tipping Point digital solutions director Arnaud Crussol.

The Newspaper Works sat down with Mr Crussol at the Sydney-based digital agency as part of our Monetising Mobile video series, investigating how masthead publishers can get the most value from their digital offerings.

“Before, you would develop a website and then once you have your nice website for say, a laptop, you’d say ‘How would that look for people looking at my site on a mobile’?” Mr Crussol explained.

“Now, you do it the other way around. You start by building the mobile version first.

“It helps you to focus on, ‘what are the two, three or four key things I want to have on my page?’ and then you build up from there to tablet and desktop.”

The switch has come about from the saturation smartphones have achieved in Australian life – no longer just limited to the commute, but fully integrated into home life, he said.

Mr Crussol, who has worked with brands including Commonwealth Bank, PayPal and Ella Bache, said publishers needed to start thinking of themselves as the solutions for advertisers.

There were many avenues for revenue that hadn’t yet been widely adopted by publishers, he explained. These included from in-post purchasing to the use of subscription details on news sites, which could enable readers to make purchases from ads in just a couple of clicks.

Newspapers also still have plenty of experimenting to do with using a mobile as a scanning device – turning “just an ad” into a direct link, he said.

“It’s about making use of the available real estate. The focus is to make sure that it’s really easy to use, and then deliver great service [to clients].”

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