Mobile readership leaps by another 15pc: emma

Mobile readership leaps by another 15pc: emma

Readers of newspaper media are continuing to flock to mobile as it again leads the growth of newspaper media readership, rising by 15 per cent year on year, according emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data released today.

The data for the 12 months to April 2015* shows tablet follows mobile at 5 per cent, and PC/laptop has increased by 4 per cent. Under-25s spearheaded growth in overall digital readership growth, jumping 12 per cent year on year.

However, while digital readership continues to grow at a rapid pace, print still commands the largest share of Australian readers.

Newspaper media – print and digital – reaches 94 per cent of all Australians, or 16.5 million people, with national and metro printed newspaper media reaching 12.4 million people over a four week period. Community newspapers are firm favourites across the country with an audience of 7.9 million, or 44 per cent of the population.

Across platforms and age groups, newspaper media also has a strong crossover effect.

Printed newspaper media reaches seven in 10 people aged under 30, or 3.4 million, and digital closes the gap with a hold on 65 per cent (3.2 million). While older demographics still prefer print, digital has a strong footprint among those aged over 70 at 990,000, or 47 per cent.

When it comes to sheer bulk of digital readers, PC and laptop readership remain on top with an audience of 10.6 million, or 59 per cent of the population. Mobile follows at 3 million, or 17 per cent of people, and tablet at 2.7 million or 15 per cent.

“The emma data clearly shows that newspaper media continues to reach nine in 10 Australians, who still consume the majority of their news and information from printed newspapers,” The Newspaper Works CEO Mark Hollands said. “The ability of newspaper media to inform and influence their audience is unrivalled and this is true for cities, regional and rural communities.”

The Sydney Morning Herald continues to lead with the highest cross-platform readership, 5.48 million readers, followed by The Daily Telegraph on 4.48 million and the Herald Sun on 4.17 million.


Total readership by masthead (print + digital):

emma Apr 15
Sydney Morning Herald / 5479.2
Daily Telegraph / 4482.6
Herald Sun / Herald Sun 4173.7
The Age / The Age 3470.4
The Australian / The Australian 3069.4
Courier-Mail / 3062.5
West Australian / 1861.6
Adelaide Advertiser / AdelaideNow 1626.1
Financial Review / Australian Financial Review 1433.9
Sunday Times / perthnow 1275.1
Canberra Times / The Canberra Times 732.2
Northern Territory News / 445.4
Mercury (Tas) / 342.3
Sunshine Coast Daily / Sunshine Coast Daily 326.3

The Herald Sun (M-F) leads in average issue readership, at 1.34 million, followed by The Sunday Telegraph (1.18 million), the Saturday Herald Sun (1.12 million), the Sunday Herald Sun (1.08 million) and the Monday to Friday edition of The Daily Telegraph (1.04 million).

Average issue readership April 2015

Weight of database: 12 Month Weight
emma Apr 15
Herald Sun (M-F Av) 1345.2
Sunday Telegraph 1189.6
Herald Sun (Sat) 1128.4
Sunday Herald Sun 1089.1
Daily Telegraph (M-F Av) 1041.6
Sunday Mail (QLD) 879.2
Daily Telegraph (Sat) 820.3
Sydney Morning Herald (Sat) 788.4
Sun-Herald 711.6
Sydney Morning Herald (M-F Av) 703.7
Courier-Mail (Sat) 663.2
Courier-Mail (M-F Av) 660.0
Weekend West 648.6
Weekend Australian 618.0
The Age (Sat) 603.4
West Australian (M-F Av) 601.7
The Age (M-F Av) 600.3
Sunday Times 500.2
Sunday Age 490.9
The Australian (M-F Av) 482.4
Sunday Mail (SA) 480.6
Saturday Advertiser 467.6
Adelaide Advertiser (M-F Av) 457.7
Financial Review (M-F Av) 293.5
Mercury on Saturday (Tas) 115.9
Financial Review (Weekend edition) 112.3
Mercury (Tas) (M-F Av) 107.7
The Saturday Paper 104.3
Sunday Tasmanian 100.5
Canberra Times (M-F Av) 99.2
Canberra Times (Sat) 98.9
Sunday Canberra Times 69.1
Northern Territory News (Sat) 69.0
Northern Territory News (M-F Av) 64.7
Sunday Territorian 41.2

* Source: emma, 12 months to April 2015. Readership based on last four weeks. Trends compared with 12 months to April 2014. Survey conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, people 14+, Nielsen Online Ratings, April 2015 and April 2014, people 14+ only.

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