M&Ms masthead rebrand

A commuter masthead gets rebranded to promote the M&Ms Action Pack app.

M&Ms App Masthead TakeoverThe app brings characters Red & Yellow to life through augmented reality, allowing consumers to interact with the brand personas in weekly episode over the 10 week holiday period.

The masthead rebrand involved substituting the M in the newspaper’s title with an M&M, a strip advertisement on the front cover and a full-page advertisement on the back that features augmented reality to boost downloads as well as enable consumers to trial the interactivity.

Augmented Reality (AR) provides advertisers with more opportunities to connect, interact and entertain consumers via rich media content. Advertisers that have used AR include 20th Century Fox, NZ based The Warehouse for their retail driven Valentine’s Day campaign, Reporters Without Borders, Commonwealth Bank for both their property app and to launch their CAN brand campaign, and the Australian Defence Force for their internatiobally renowned, awarded campaign, Tri Service Mobile Medic.

The newspaper campaign ran in free commuter press, targeting a younger demographic. It’s running in conjunction with a TVC that launched in November.


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