MLA “Choosing Beef”

Results show this newspaper is a strong example of 'industry' advertising with a consumer benefit.

Key findingsMLA "Choosing Beef"

  • Testing determined that this ad from MLA/MSA is a high performing and strong piece of communication.
  • The creative was received positively by respondents, achieving strong scores for diagnostics ‘Looks Good’.
  • The ad achieved strong scores against all six RoleMap roles but especially for driving Affinity, Re-appraisal and addressing the Public Agenda.
  • Respondents found the ad to be increasing their understanding of the issue, highly appropriate and differentiating for the category. As a result there was a very strong purchase intention demonstrated via ActionMap.
  • For future advertising, it may be worth consideration of being more overt on where the standards apply i.e. to both supermarkets and butchers etc. to avoid the perception this is a supermarket only initiative.

Download full results in the document below.