Research compares how a range of brand and retail newspaper ads for Mitsubishi have performed on the level of creative.


  • Total of 4 Mitsubishi tested and compared against each other.
  • ‘No-Nonsense’ execution delivers greater emotional connection through reappraisal and also does well against strategic roles of both Information and Call to Action.
  • ‘Pajero 4×4’ creative scores significantly above norm on emotional measures, in particular, lifestyle and excitement scores.
  • When comparing two Pajero executions, ads work differently as expected. Taking campaign linkage aside, one seems to be stronger along affinity and the other the crucial safety / public agenda score
  • ‘Lancer’ retail ad delivers scores at or above Average across all measures, contributing positively to the overall Mitsubishi equity. It also delivers well on Information and Call to Action.

Download full results in the document below.