Miele’s Cost Per Wear Campaign

Miele has placed double page spreads in the weekend edition of the Australian Financial Review, that seek to position Miele products as a long term investment and therefore a justifiable luxury.

Miele There's Every Chance They'll Be Leaving HomeMiele Theres Every Chance She'll Be Leaving HomeIt’s similar to the ‘cost per wear’ idea that many people use when buying an expensive piece of clothing or an accessory.

The concept of the long term investment or ‘cost per wear’ makes the initial purchase much more palatable for items that are emotionally desirable, but not rationally essential to get the job done.

Creatively, the ads stand out against the editorial environment of the AFR and strategically, they’re speaking directly to a target market that has the resources and the desire to pursue ‘the best’.

Miele also recognises that AFR readers have a personal life and interests outside of business and finance.

This shows empathy and understanding for their potential customers which is a value often reflected back through increased affinity from readers.


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