MFA sets course for ‘new era and direction’

MFA sets course for ‘new era and direction’

The Media Federation of Australia (MFA) has re-branded itself and announced a refocusing of goals, marking “a new era and direction”.

In a statement, the MFA said that the launch indicates a “new purpose and visual identity”, with CEO Sophie Madden saying that it will reflect the present and future dynamics of the media industry.

“In the 17 years since it was established, the MFA has done great work including establishing NGEN, the MFA awards, and streamlining system development,” she said.

“However with the rapidly-changing media landscape and the evolution of what a media agency is today, the time was right to review what we stand for, why we exist, and what we want to achieve.”

The re-launch will see a greater focus on external business, including working collaboratively with other industry bodies and building C-suite confidence in Australia’s media agencies.

In a video posted on Vimeo, the company said that its vision is to “be a force that makes the media industry better at what we do, when it comes to mastering media agencies, the advancement of our people, the improvement of the tools we use.”

Chairman of the MFA board, and the CEO of agency OMD, Peter Horgan, said “the launch of this new MFA brand purpose and vision is our public display of a clear and evolved direction for the MFA, where our members – despite being competitive businesses – can align across our core pillars of People, Process and Performance.”

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