Mercedes demonstrates sale

Aspirational brands or brands that are held in high esteem, rarely discount. Discounting implies it might come within your reach, and that in itself reduces the aspirational qualities of a brand.

Mercedes Benz Demonstrators SaleUnusually then, Mercedes-Benz run these full page ads to announce a demonstrators sale.  By specifying all the variables, Mercedes retains some control over keeping the brand within the premium space.  There is also some clever use of repetition to remind people of the offer: 12% off 2012 models, for 12 days only. It’s in black and white (and the offer itself, is black and white).

Clearly this ad is designed to generate a Call to Action and may also cause some readers to Reappraise their idea of Mercedes-Benz, and shift from being tyre kickers, to purchasers.


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