Mazda MX-5

Mazda is performing beyond the category on key consumer criteria.


  • Research looks at 4 Mazda newspaper ads.
  • ‘I in Family’ scores significantly above the Auto average on both familiarity and differentiation, contributing to overall Mazda equity. The creative also scores well across all automotive diagnostics, demonstrating that the advertisement works on an emotional connection.
  • ‘Mazda 6 MPS’ performs above norms on interest. This ad is also the most ‘exciting’ ad in the survey Both measures for ‘Pride’ and ‘Exciting’ are significantly above norm.
  • ‘Mazda 6 MPS’ creates differentiation that is significantly up on norm, perhaps due to the unique creative execution.
  • ‘Mazda Looks / Feels’ achieves a fantastic score when measuring the visual appeal of the ad. It scores the best in the survey, with three top scores.  A clear indication of high cut through.
  • ‘Mazda Looks / Feels’ also delivers a strong score on emotional engagement and call to action.
  • ‘MX5’ achieves high scores across emotional measures. It delivers three three times the average on emotional engagement.
  • ‘MX5’ also achieves high level of cut-through.
    RoleMap indicates the ‘MX5’ ad is generating strong Affinity and above average Reappraisal and Extension.

Download full results in the document below.