Making the most of the medium

Making the most of the medium

Commuters across Australia found a hole in their mX last Thursday, as the newspaper helped promote the release of a major action blockbuster through a front page wrap, also known as a ‘mega wrap’.

The clever advertisement had a burning hole superimposed across regular content, with ‘White House Down’ star Channing Tatum walking towards the hole, and the reader.

mX publisher Fiona Mellor said the mega wrap was a creative and powerful advertisement which readers could not avoid.

“When it comes to our ‘mega wraps’, the creative has to be high-impact and powerful,” she said.

“I’m very proud of the work the mX and Sony Pictures Releasing teams have done.”

Sony Pictures Releasing national marketing director Libby Rhys-Jones said it was a fun, dynamic and effective way to promote a Hollywood blockbuster.

“We are excited we can present Channing Tatum’s new film in such a dynamic way with mX,” she said.

“We are always happy when mX is able to look outside of the advertising box and make partnerships as entertaining as our movie business needs to be.”

This was the second time mX had successfully used live editorial in a creative wrap execution; the first one saw it win a major award at the 2013 Advertising Awards, hosted by The Newspaper Works.

Ms Mellor said having the ability to pull off clever campaigns was something that other mediums did not have, giving print a clear advantage.

“We know live editorial executions work – they are award winning and deliver results for advertisers,” Ms Mellor said.

“They demonstrate a clear strength for print advertising. No other medium can produce this innovative type of advertising.

The ‘mega wrap’ is just one of mX’s new, creative initiatives. Recently, it has also extended its interactive advertising, offering digital mobile coupons through its app.

‘White House Down’ was released on Thursday, September 5 to a very successful opening weekend.

It topped the Australian box office across the three days, opening in 279 theatres and grossing more than $1.65 million.

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