London Daily Telegraph editor leaves after seven years

Tony Gallagher, the editor of the London Daily Telegraph, has vacated the chair after seven years at the newspaper.

The move follows the arrival from PBS in September of American former TV and internet executive Jason Seiken as chief content officer.  Mr Seiken was credited with bringing the American broadcaster into the digital future by nurturing its successful mobile and web services.

In his time at the helm of the Telegraph, Mr Gallagher led ground-breaking coverage of MPs’ expenses which became a political scandal in Britain.

The Guardian’s Roy Greenslade has described Mr Gallagher as “the best editor the Daily Telegraph has had since Charles Moore’s exit in 2003” and dubbed the move “a big mistake” for the paper.

Mr Seiken, who has no prior experience with British newspapers, issued a statement saying “we must innovate to survive. Our competition is no longer only newspapers.”

Mr Gallagher joins several other senior journalists to depart the title, including soon-to-be BBC business editor, Kamal Ahmad.

Assistant news editor Chris Evans will become the acting print editor on weekdays, while Ian MacGregor, editor of the Sunday Telegraph, will take on the Saturday edition.

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