Last stop for mX

Last stop for mXmX has called for photos of their distributors for a tribute in the final edition

mX will publish its final edition tomorrow, as the paper calls for readers to send in photographs of their favourite mX distributors for a tribute.

The closure was announced two weeks ago by News Corp Australia, with the publisher citing the rise of mobile devices as the reason for the decision. The mobile app is set to close at the same time.

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Editor-in-chief Craig Herbert thanked readers for their support in a striking front-page tribute two weeks ago after the announcement.

“The first mX edition rolled off the press in Melbourne on February 5, 2001 … with the core focus of taking readers’ minds off their busy day,” the front-page message read.

“That’s been our passion and commitment to you ever since, but the rapid growth and distraction of mobile devices has applied too much pressure for us to continue.

“It’s been a fun and frenetic journey for all who have had the privilege to work on mX over the years, and every single member of the mX family is gutted by the decision to pull down the curtain.”

Tributes from readers have poured in over social media since the decision to close the commuter paper.

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mX had no standalone website and relied on its app for a digital presence. The app was intended for readers to interface with each other and the newspaper in real time as they travelled home. Its focus was the popular Talk spread.

The newspaper was redesigned at the same time the app was relaunched in March, adding a travel section and revamped layouts

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The original mX app had won Best App or Mobile Site at last year’s PANPA Awards.

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