Know Your Audience

The key to effective marketing is knowing your audience. Over the past few weeks we’ve shared articles from our Audience in Focus news media study to demonstrate the differences between audience demographic profiles.

You can now download the full series of slide decks here.


News media attracts an audience of 16.7 million readers each month.*

No single description sufficiently captures the diversity of those who read newspapers and consume online news content.

Appetite for quality journalism exists among the youngest and oldest adults, but how they view society and behave as citizens and consumers varies dramatically.

In a series of four research articles, called Audience in Focus, the key behaviours, beliefs and aspirations of readers of all ages are put into the spotlight.

Audience in Focus provides a snapshot of demography by age, providing insight into how readers consume news media, their key social issues and aspirations for their own lives.

The data from the readership survey emma illustrates the high quality of individuals who come to news media seeking quality reporting, analysis and opinion of events at home and around the world.

Among the many factors to emerge is evidence that these readers – regardless of age – are better educated, more socially aware and higher earners than non-readers.

*emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending October 2016; Nielsen DRM October 2016, People 14+ only.


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