Jetstar & Tourism Tasmania

This newspaper ad from Jetstar & Tourism Tasmania performs well both as a brand message and a retail driver.

Key findingsJetstar & Tourism Tasmania

  • The combination of a great image and a strong offer, has worked very well for Jetstar with the Launceston ad, generating high levels of AffinityReappraisal and Call to Action.
  • The ad helped position Jetstar as both relevant and different and generated strong intentions to ‘remember for later’ which is typical of Tourism destination marketing.
  • Of the Jetstar ads we’ve tested since 2008, this one has garnered the highest levels of Interest.
  • This is a great example of an airline carrier working hand in glove with a tourism destination to generate a strong reader response.

Download full results of Jetstar & Tourism Tasmania April 2011 Creative Benchmarking research below.