Jeep’s poster campaign

Jeep is running a poster-style execution in the car section of the newspaper, emphasising the lifestyle qualities of the brand.

Jeep WA Poster MapThis campaign ran in a Sunday metropolitan newspaper in Western Australia. Consisting of two sides, the newspaper ad has the suite of “I bought a Jeep” ads promoting different models on one side, while the other states the top 25 adventure holidays across the western state.

The map-style execution breaks down these adventure holidays into categories such as open road trips, hiking, cycling, water and island adventures, illustrating the values of the car and building the brand in the process.

Volkswagen Passat ran a similar execution in September this year. Running across Sydney and Melbourne, each city received a customised map showcasing activities unique to the area, like Manly Dam mountain bike trail and a picnic at Wendy’s Secret Garden (in Sydney), and rock climbing at Balaclava Bridges or gondola rides at The Yarra (in Melbourne). As with the Jeep advertisement, Volkswagen’s execution fostered a tangible link between the car’s aspiration and the values of the target audience, creating an emotional connection that may contribute to purchase consideration both in the short and long term.

Jeep WA Poster I Bought A Jeep

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