Ipsos launches training program

Ipsos MediaCT, in conjunction with The Readership Works, will this week launch a comprehensive industry education and training program in preparation for the launch of emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), the cross platform audience insights survey.

The training program, to be conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, will include the sales teams from newspaper and magazine publishers across Australia over a four week period, starting this week.

In-depth sessions will introduce emma™, its methodology and benefits, including the fusion of Nielsen Online Ratings data on to the emma survey, plus a number of new innovations in the Australian market.

“This is the biggest training and education program the publishing Industry has seen in decades.  It is imperative that we support the industry to understand emma™ and the more accurate audience insights it will deliver to help advertisers better plan their investment decisions,” Ipsos MediaCT Managing Director Simon Wake said.

The training program will provide a comprehensive overview of emma’s™ world-leading methodology, features and functionality including:

  • A more in-depth database of all newspaper and magazine formats capturing data across print, website, mobile and tablet
  • The fusion of Nielsen Online Ratings data with the emma™ survey – The two independently audited audience measurement systems will combine data, with Nielsen providing Ipsos MediaCT with its Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Australia) – endorsed online audience ratings data which will be fused onto the emma survey data.
  • Sophisticated survey techniques utilised to interview 50,000 people a year, seven days a week
  • Readership data on individual branded sections of newspapers
  • New contemporary segmentation of the Australian population with 10 new consumer segments identified
  • New insights into brand and product consumer behavior
  • Engagement – deeper insights into the readers’ relationships with publications.

“As emma™ will feature several new innovations in audience insights with global best practice methodology, it is important that our publisher stakeholders fully understand and utilise the data and insights. This will empower sales teams to deliver more accurate and contemporary audience insights to media agencies and their advertisers,” The Readership Works General Manager Mal Dale said.

The survey will launch in the first quarter of this financial year.

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