Fairfax launches crime podcast


Capitalising on the widespread popularity of true-crime podcasts such as SerialFairfax Media has launched its own investigative podcast series.

The six-part series, Phoebe’s Fall, follows the life and death of 24-year-old Phoebe Handsjuk, who died under suspicious circumstances in 2010.

Award-winning journalists Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie, along with Julie Posetti and editor, Michael Bachelard, investigate the circumstances of Phoebe’s tragic death.

It is beating podcast series such as Serial and Triple J’s Hack to the number one spot on the iTunes charts in Australia, at the time of its launch.

“It is first-class reporting of a story that must be told,” said the editors of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, in a statement.

The family of Phoebe, who jumped feet first down a 12th floor garbage-chute of a Melbourne building do not believe the court’s verdict.

Fairfax Media is currently in negotiations with ABC Radio National for the broadcast rights to Phoebe’s Fall.

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