International round-up: Local press most trusted in UK

Local press most trusted in UK

Local newspapers, both in print and online, are the most trusted form of news media in the UK and deliver the most effective results for advertisers, new research from Think Media has shown.

Published by the UK’s Newspaper Society, The Consumer Catalyst Study found that consumers are more than twice as likely to act on advertisements in local media (51 per cent) than ads on TV (23 per cent), magazines (19 per cent), or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and local radio (both 14 per cent).

The study looked at the influence of local media on property, cars and groceries, finding that local media is clearly the most effective way for brands in those spaces to direct consumers to their products.

Newspaper Society communications and marketing committee chairman Johnny Hustler said “this research confirms the fundamental role local media plays in the media mix today as a powerful catalyst for consumer action”.

NYT launches new apps

The New York Times will launch two new digital apps as part of a push to enhance its current digital offerings and increase revenue.

One of the applications, NYT Now, will offer a selection of stories from The New York Times that are targeted specifically to a mobile audience and optimised for smart phones, and will cost $8 every four weeks to subscribe.

Its release will be coupled with the launch of Times Premier, which will provide full access to all of The New York Times’ newspaper content, as well as behind-the-scenes coverage of how the newspaper operates on a daily basis. It will cost $45 per four weeks and $10 for the same period for home delivery subscribers.

The newspaper also has announced two other apps, one focused on food and another on opinion/commentary content, which will be introduced to the market later in the year.

According to an article in the media section of the newspaper, The New York Times will use these new products to appeal to consumers that may enjoy the paper’s content but are not willing to pay full a full digital or print subscription fee.

University newspaper hits 500

A college newspaper in the United State has reached 500 paid subscribers, three years after implementing a paywall.

Oklahoma State University’s Daily O’Collegian introduced a metered paywall in 2011 for readers that were not students or employees of the university, becoming the first university publication to create a paywall structure for their content.

General manager of the Daily O’Collegian Ray Catalino told The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) that the university recently secured 500 subscribers and has increased the subscription fee per year from $10 upon the launch of the paywall to the $20 fee they currently charge.

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