International round-up: ABC figures show digital growth

International round-up: ABC figures show digital growth

National newspapers in the United Kingdom showed strong year-on-year digital growth across the board in the latest round of Audit Bureau of Circulations figures.

On a monthly basis, The Daily Star had the highest percentage growth with 34 per cent more unique browsers for May, 120,000 daily browsers more than April.

The Metro online had its best month yet in terms of unique browsers and showed the highest percentage of readership growth year-on-year. It was also up 18 per cent in month-on-month uniques.

The Mail Online remains the most read online newspaper by a significant margin, with more than 11 million average daily browsers, and it showed growth both month-on-month and year-on-year.

The Guardian, which receives the second highest readership numbers, remained fairly steady with a slight decline in month-on-month readership of 0.06 per cent. It had just under 5.5 million unique daily browsers in May, around half that of the Mail Online but substantially more than other national publications.

Other newspaper sites showing strong to marginal growth in month-on-month May figures included The Independent, the Express and the Manchester Evening News.

Guardian first with Glass app

After the recent commercial release in the UK of Google’s wearable gadget Glass, The Guardian has become the first news publication to launch an app on the new device.

The Guardian app will offer breaking news push notifications, sent in groups rather than as individual stories, that can then be read to the wearer of the device through the synthesised voice built into Google Glass’ software.

In an interview with Gizmodo Lindsey Dew, software developer at The Guardian, said that wearable devices worked well for breaking news alerts as users did not need to actively check anything, but had the news told to them directly through the device.

“It’s great for seeing precisely what’s happening now, and delivering the exact information you need to know,” she said.

“The challenge we have is how you also deliver detail, as you are limited by the UI (user interface). We’ve added ‘Save for Later’ functionality in the Guardian Glassware app, letting people send long-form journalism to their phones.”

New SPH bundle

Singapore’s second-highest circulating English-language newspaper, The New Paper, has launched a new subscription package that includes print, online and smartphone content.

iOS and Android apps released by the publication three weeks ago have had more than 20,000 downloads and topped the iTunes free apps chart.

Chua Wee Phong, executive vice-president of circulation for Singapore Press Holdings, The New Paper’s owner, said “SPH is continually striving to make our newspapers more easily available to our readers, and this means making it available on more platforms.

“I’m confident that the young readers of The New Paper will enjoy having their favourite newspaper available on their smartphones.”

The new all-in-one package, which includes the new smartphone apps as well as access to The New Paper’s print product and its online content, is priced at SGD$28.65-a-month ($24.50 in Australian dollars).

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