Integration key for programmatic success

Integration key for programmatic success

Integrating programmatic ad sales with the broader media sales team is the most effective way to service customers and execute campaigns, says REA Group’s head of media strategy and operations Jonas Jaanimagi.

Mr Jaanimagi, a board member for Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), came to Australia in 2010 after more than a decade in London working in online advertising.

A speaker at the ADMA Global Forum in Sydney next month, Mr Jaanimagi said REA had taken a “holistic” approach to its digital campaigns by bringing the programmatic team “into the very heart” of the media operations business.

“This ensures that [programmatic] is not run as a separate trading entity staffed by sales guys on commissions,” he told The Newspaper Works. “They are strategic staff enabling, educating and supporting all of our digital sales across the business.”

REA Group, the online property advertising company that is 60 per cent owned by News Corp Australia, has operations in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and China, and recently appointed former Microsoft executive Tracey Fellows as CEO. REA Media manages trades advertising space on and, Australia’s leading property and commercial property sites.

Mr Jaanimagi believes that although it may not offer the “blank canvas” that creative agencies might seek to tell inspiring or entertaining stories, programmatic display products provide a high level of creativity when it comes to “technology, consumer insights and marketing strategy”.

Sophisticated data is important for all media operations and, per the IAB’s recommendation, REA utilises Nielsen to measure total visits, unique users and average time of site per session or over a period of time, as well as other metrics. Mr Jaanimagi says that when it comes to decision-making on various executions, the company will strike a balance between risk and rigorous research.

“We strike a careful balance between large projects and lighter innovative initiatives,” he said. “Major projects require exhaustive research and development in order to ensure that they are suitable for our consumers and customers.

“Some smaller initiatives allow for more risk and often require failure in order to build out success, particularly at the cutting edge where there is rarely any credible research and/or data.”

Mr Jaanimagi’s speech to the ADMA Global Forum next month will focus on why consumers are at the core of successful digital platforms.

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