Instant Articles launches on Android

Instant Articles launches on Android

Publishers who utilise Facebook Instant Articles will now have greater audience opportunities following the launch today of the digital publishing platform on Android.

Instant Articles was launched on the iPhone earlier this year and officially arrived in Australia and New Zealand in December, with Fairfax Media partnering for the launch.

More than 350 publications across the globe are now utilising Instant Articles including The Washington Post, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Huffington Post, South China Morning Post and The Economist.

“Publishers can now deliver fast and immersive reading experiences to hundreds of millions of people daily across the two most popular mobile platforms in the world,” a statement posted on the Facebook website said.

“We’ve been beta testing Instant Articles for Android with a small group of people on Facebook for several weeks, and as we saw on iPhone, the faster, richer reading experience inspires people on Android to share Instant Articles with their friends more often than they do with standard web articles.”

A major feature of Instant Articles is its ability to improve the speed at which articles can be viewed on mobile – around 10 times faster than a standard mobile web article according to Facebook.

Titles can publish directly onto Instant Articles and keep 100 per cent of the revenue raised from ads they sell themselves. Alternatively, the Facebook Audience Network can sell ads for publishers in a similar arrangement to the Apple News app (LINK).

Instant Articles offers a range of tools for publishers including auto-play videos, interactive maps and audio captions.

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