ING Direct

ING Direct's press ad promotes Brand Equity measures, particularly on Relevance and Differentiation levels.

Key findings:ING Direct 2

  • ING Makeover your money is a strong performer, with good scores on top line and brand equity measures.  A great result given the ad delivers functional messaging about everyday saving and home loans.
  • Creatively the ad is drawing a positive response in relation to cut through and it’s seen as particularly clever and different to other banks.
  • The ad is prompting a re-think and leaving people feeling good about the brand, which compares favourably to other category ads.
  • Considering home loan messaging is a necessary aspect of any bank communication strategy this is a really good result for ING as the ad is working on a number of levels.

Download full results of the ING Direct September 2010 Creative Benchmarking research below.