IAB issues tactics to overcome ad-blocking

IAB issues tactics to overcome ad-blocking

The Interactive Advertising Bureau in the US has released a set of tactics publishers are successfully employing to fight the rising threat of ad-blocking.

The primer was released this week by the IAB’s Technology Laboratory and identifies six possible tactics to address ad-blocking accompanied by implementation strategies, their risks and benefits.

The tactics include:

  1. Creating a tiered experience: modifying a user’s experience when ad-blockers are enabled to change the value proposition of the software.
  2. Soliciting a form of payment: whether it be optional, required, monetary or non-monetary such as filling in survey or creating user generated content
  3. Communication to ad-blocking users: whether to raise awareness about the software’s impact or caution against further usage
  4. Paying an ad blocking company to be whitelisted: the IAB notes this approach has direct risks for the industry

The primer also recommends a step-by-step process publishers should use to connect with ad-blocking consumers – publishers should offer them a “DEAL”:

DEAL IAB Ad block

D – Detect ad blocking, in order to initiate a conversation

E – Explain the value exchange that advertising enables

A – Ask for changed behaviour in order to maintain an equitable exchange

L – Lift restrictions or limit access in response to consumer choice

In conjunction with the primer, the IAB also released an ad-blocking detection script, available to all IAB and IAB Tech Lab members.

The script provides the ability to see and ultimately engage with visitors using ad-blockers on their websites.

Scott Cunningham, IAB Tech Lab’s general manager and IAB’s senior VP of technology and ad operations, said the release of the primer and script would “open the door for transparency and meaningful dialogue with visitors using ad blockers”.

“We believe that a combination of tools and the DEAL approach to communication with consumers will allow publishers big and small the chance to cut through the blockade, ensuring the strength of the open, ad-supported internet,” Mr Cunningham said.

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