How to blog like the pros

Live news streaming is the future of journalism and it gives conventional media organisations a way to compete with bloggers and social media, according to AAP editor-in-chief Tony Gillies.

AAP ran a workshop at the 2013 Future Forum on live news streaming, giving journalists a chance to learn how to make the most of technology during a breaking event, and how to directly feed that news into a user’s browser.

“Many news operators are jumping on this style of news coverage and offering it up on websites, tablets and phones,” Mr Gillies said.

“Its journalistic rigour, its engagement and variety make it compelling.

“And live news streaming is a world away from the sometimes unreliable social media.”

The new reporting environment places a greater strain than ever on news organisations to be first, but accuracy must always be first and foremost.

AAP’s breaking news service Livestream pulls together breaking news, photographs, fact boxes, videos, social media and hyperlinks to create the best experience possible for the user.

The organisation stressed the importance of including the audience during a live news stream.

Training editor John Coomber said tone was imperative during breaking news.

“Write for the moment, but clear the clutter,” Mr Coomber said.

“You cannot waste a single syllable.”

Live news streaming gives journalists a chance to publish immediately, and to place the event at the front rather than the media organisation.

“Rather than shouting ‘look at me’, live news streaming says ‘look at the story’; ‘look at the facts’,” Mr Gillies said.

“News people in this dynamic live environment can hand on heart say we were there, we heard and we saw it happen.

“And as news professionals this is where you come in.”

To see AAP’s presentation slides in full, click here.

Key points from AAP – 12 things before you start

  • Comprehensive calendar of dates
  • Fact boxes
  • Get the quotes
  • Timelines
  • Historical information
  • Get the key match-ups
  • Short profiles and pen pics
  • Mine the files for images
  • Look for file video and audio
  • Get the Twitter list
  • Source information and links
  • Prepare content in advance

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