Honda Gatefold Gains Attention

Honda have used a four page gatefold in the Good Weekend to celebrate the launch of the new Accord using the headline ‘Have it all, while you can still enjoy it’.

The All New Honda AccordThis line reflects that the top of the range Accord enjoys a long list of premium features, for less than a luxury car price.

This approach may appeal to a practical car buyer who likes doing their homework, and wants all the bells and whistles of a luxury marque.

It also does the job of gaining the attention of buyers at the lower end of the market who may think that Honda is out of their price range (versus brands like Kia or Hyundai). So it maintains the idea of being aspirational, while delivering on value.

Selling cars is a game for the patient and the consumer journey from thinking ‘Maybe I need a new car?’ to financial commitment, is long and complex.

This advertising is designed to generate reappraisal of the Honda Accord, which may end up putting the new Accord on more consideration lists towards conversion to future purchase.

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