Trilogy’s “retouching” headline invites interaction

Trilogy skincare placed this full page ad in Sunday newspapers, using reader feedback from a previous ad, using a unique angle to drive awareness and generate a conversation about key ‘reasons to believe’ in Trilogy products.

Trilogy We Recently Ran This Ad Without Any RetouchingThe headline invites readers to read the more detailed copy by posing something of a cliff hanger.

‘You reaction surprised us’.

It’s human nature to be curious as to the story behind a statement like this one, demonstrating that the copy writer knows how to capture an audience.

Long copy is a highly specialised skill, but newspaper readers are highly engaged with the content of newspapers, and therefore long copy, that is well constructed, can be highly successful.

Check out some other examples of, and insights into, long copy in newspapers, and our Creative Benchmarking Research into the strategy.


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