Why tech-buyers love print

Gadget lovers also love their newspapers. Adrian Fernandes discovers the majority of tech-buyers will use print media to make their purchasing decisions.

An increasing number of consumers are considering a new purchase of technology, according to new emma data.

That’s great for retailers battling difficult trading conditions across a number of categories, including audio-visual equipment, computers and phones.

Latest emma figures give these retailers cause for optimism.

In this analysis, emma data reveals household purchase intentions in the coming months, uncovering the types of technology that are top of consumers’ wish-list.

Infographic_electronicsSmartphones Lead the Way

The smartphone is the gadget that most intend to buy or upgrade on a plan this year.

According to emma, two in three currently own a smartphone. This is set to grow to 70 per cent of the population as 2.7 million consumers now actively consider a purchase. That should push ownership, currently at 68 per cent of the population, ahead of PC ownership (69 per cent).

Tablets are another hot item. Technology analyst firm Telsyte reports sales more than doubled last year and 55 per cent of the population now owns either an iPad, Microsoft Surface or one of the various Android models. Some 2.3 million consumers plan a purchase, making it the second most desirable piece of consumer technology.

TVs & Home Entertainment

3D TVs were launched with fanfare in 2012 but the uptake was originally underwhelming. Yet, emma reveals some 400,000 are considering buying a 3D TV, inspired by tumbling prices and new 3D content that is now available on DVD or can be downloaded.

Indications among emma respondents suggest TV sales overall should remain strong with 1.3 million intending to upgrade.

Top 10 electrical goods consumers intend to buy in the next 12 months

Device No. of Consumers Planning to Buy in near future(000)
Smart phone 2737
Tablet device (e.g. iPad) 2345
Laptop computer 2213
Digital TV set 1283
Desktop computer 1148
Digital camera 1009
Gaming console 724
Blu-ray DVD player 533
Home theatre system 529
iPod / MP3 player 451
Stereo or hi-fi system 446

Games Console

Games consoles are big business. Nearly one in three consumers aged 14 and over — 5.6 million— owns a games console and 475,000 plan to purchase a new console.

The Hot Shops

The electronics sector is competitive as the major players fight tooth and nail to increase footfall. emma reveals JB Hi-Fi dominates in terms of store traffic, with a fraction fewer than 2 million consumers saying they had visited a JB Hi-Fi outlet in the past four weeks. That’s nearly 800,000 more than its nearest rival, Dick Smith, which edges out Harvey Norman by attracting 30 per cent of consumer traffic.

Electrical Retailers Market Share

Retailer No. of Store Visitors in last 4 weeks (000)
JB Hi-Fi 1973
Dick Smith 1175
Harvey Norman 1137
The Good Guys 657
Betta Electrical 133
Bing Lee 58

Digital Research Equation

Recent Nielsen data shows consumers increasingly look online to research and buy electrical goods. Some 67 per cent have visited an electrical goods retailer online in the past four weeks. That’s why retailers, such as Harvey Norman, are investing resources in improving their digital presence.

Power of Print Advertising

A key aim of tactical retail advertising is to achieve a “Call to Action”. For retailers, this involves a pincer movement of choices – inspiring either a visit to a store or a website.

In a price-sensitive market, no other medium creates the sense of urgency like newspapers. The immediacy of print is ideal to drive high levels of response and as newspapers are a cut-out-and-keep medium, prospective customers do not have to write down or print out addresses of stores or prices of desired technology.

Newspapers have also been proven as an effective way to drive people to websites. For case studies on how newspapers drive call to action, click here.

Print Reaches High Spenders

According to emma, newspaper media reaches nine in ten of the top 20 per cent of consumer spenders on audio-visual and media equipment.

Some 71 per cent of consumers who are considering the purchase of smartphone have read a newspaper in the past week. Readers also feature heavily among those thinking of buying a laptop. Some 69 per cent have read a newspaper in recent days, and 71 per cent in the market for a digital or 3D TV have done likewise.

Nielsen data shows the digital newspaper audience are just as happy to shop in-store. The digital newspaper audience is 16 per cent more likely to have visited a consumer electronics retailer in the past four weeks than the general population.



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