Global round-up: US takes up pay-per-story app

Global round-up: US takes up pay-per-story appPay-per-story app Blendle has been embraced by US papers

A number of major US newspapers have signed up for a service dubbed ‘iTunes for news,’ which allows readers to buy individual articles for a small cost.

The Blendle app now makes The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal available to hundreds of thousands of readers in the Netherlands, where the project is based.

Each article costs around 20 US cents, and readers are entitled to a refund of that amount if they don’t like the article.

There are no details on how this revenue is split between Blendle and the content creator.

The addition of major American publications is seen as a huge boost for the app, which otherwise would have been confined to Dutch-language publications.

Snapchat Discover pays out big for publishers

High ad rates on Snapchat’s new Discover tool are paying off for publishers, who take home 70 per cent of the revenue if they can sell the ad space themselves.

Even if the sale is Snapchat’s effort, the takings are split evenly.

Tech news site Re/code quotes sources saying that pricing is about $100 for every thousand views, which works out to around 10 US cents per view.

“This means publishers are able to command $50,000 to $100,000 a day for their stuff,” Re/code’s Kurt Wagner wrote.

Snapchat launched Discover earlier this year, and partnered with for its Australian launch.

It pushes daily bundles of news content, called editions, to users.

PressReader adds major UK client

Digital newspaper software company PressReader has added Immediate Media to its portfolio, meaning titles like BBC Music, Lonely Planet Traveller and Top Gear magazine will be available on the web app.

A total of 30 Immediate Media titles will be added to PressReader.

“Our digital revenues are accelerating and our world-class content is driving this forward across new platforms. PressReader will be an important vehicle to help continue this growth,” the head of mobile apps and partnerships at Immediate Media, Kevin Curtis, said.

PressReader offers more than 4000 magazines and newspapers in a digital format.

The Guardian’s US site ‘profitable within three years’

Guardian US chief Eamonn Store has suggested the operation could be profitable within three years, after experiencing a high level of growth in both readers and staff since it launched in 2011.

According to the New York-based Capital website, Mr Store was speaking at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival, and said “realistically, we need to get to about twice our scale in three years … if we double our traffic and triple our revenue in the next three years, we will be profitable by Q2 of year three.

“It looks very realistic,” he said.

By the end of 2015, around 180 people will work for the UK-based newspaper’s American digital operations.

However, Mr Store also said being profitable wasn’t enough – the website would need to “fill a significant gap as we see print [revenues] decline in the US,” he said.

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