Global round-up: UK audience measurement review

UK audience measurement review

The British newspaper industry will look into the current metrics used for audience measurement, as part of a review to find a system that accurately measures readership across digital platforms.

The marketing body for British newspapers Newsworks will appoint a strategy consultant to lead the review and, as reported in The Drum, a statutory 18 month notice period has been served on the National Readership Survey, which operates the current measurement system for the industry.

In the statement, Newsworks said that the industry would seek to measure “the scale, engagement and demographics of the growing newsbrand audiences across both the analog and digital worlds.”

Newsworks chief executive Rufus Olins said that it was critical that the measurement system reflected the ways in which media was now consumed.

“The landscape has changed beyond recognition in the past few years and the pace of change is accelerating,” he said.

“We need to be at the forefront of that change, helping advertisers and agencies make sense of it.”

Sarah Mansfield, the media director of Unilever for the UK and Ireland, said that she supported the review and acknowledged that audience measurement had become increasingly complex in recent years.

This development comes after major British publishers announced the launch of PATS (Publisher Advertising Transaction System), the new transaction platform that has been built to enhance the facilitation of transactions between agencies and publishers.

Guardian to launch membership program

In a bid to improve on strong digital revenues over the last financial year, the Guardian News and Media is planning to launch a paid-for membership scheme.

A report in Press Gazette said that the company’s chief executive, Andrew Miller, would not comment on the details or features of the membership scheme and that it was not yet known whether prospective members would have access to exclusive, premium content.

Mr Miller told Press Gazette that the idea behind the scheme was to “provide a reward for the most loyal readers”.

“In the UK that means investing in a physical space that Guardian members can get to and hold events. Outside the UK it is the ability to pay for added value.”

Boston Globe develops papal site

The Boston Globe has announced it will launch a website dedicated to coverage of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church.

After the development of the new site was reported by Jim Romenesko on his blog, the Globe released a statement announcing the website’s staff, which includes editor Teresa Hanafin and Vatican reporter John Allen.

In an interview with Commonwealth Magazine, the Globe’s CEO Mike Sheehan said he planned for the site to have a global audience and that it would contain “news and analysis of all things Catholic”.

“I look every day at what is being read digitally, and whatever John Allen writes is always in the top five, which means it’s relevant to people here, but also people from around the country are coming in to read it, too.”

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