Global round-up: Sun and Google to teach children code

Sun and Google to teach children code

British newspaper The Sun has partnered with Google to teach children in the UK how to code.

The joint venture comes ahead of the UK Department of Education introducing coding into the school curriculum in September this year, for all children aged 5-16.

In a release, The Sun editor David Dinsmore said that while Britain has a thriving software industry, the numbers of young people working for tech companies was declining.

“Coding is now an essential skill for nearly all industries and The Sun is proud to be spearheading an initiative that will help bring through the next generation of Tim Berners-Lees,” he said.

The partnership will see The Sun publish numerous features emphasising the importance of coding and open a Code Camp at Google’s London headquarters to teach children.

$50m investment in Buzzfeed  

Online media giant Buzzfeed has received $50 million of venture funding from Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz – leading to a valuation of around $850 million, according to The New York Times.

While the website, which is known for its image-heavy articles structured in lists as well as its growing news and features sections, is now estimated to be worth significantly more than established media brands like the recently sold Washington Post, it plans to maintain a start-up culture.

Co-founder and chief executive of the company Jonah Peretti told The News York Times that he wants Buzzfeed’s approach to remain entrepreneurial. “What if a Hollywood studio or a news organisation was run like a start-up?” he told the newspaper.

Earlier this year Buzzfeed launched an Australian version and plans to open offices in Japan, Germany, Mexico and India this year. It will also move more resources into BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, which is the company’s video production arm, based in Los Angeles.

Times-Picayune increases print days to five

Bucking the trend of print publications decreasing their weekly output, the New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune has decided to return to printing five days a week, rather than three.

According to a report in Media Life Magazine, the newspaper has decided to add a Saturday and Monday home delivered edition for this northern autumn – to coincide with the beginning of the National Football League.

The additional newspapers will be free to current subscribers, who currently receive editions on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

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